Graeme's research focuses on the visual representation of race and gender roles in popular narrative media. He has presented research essays at the following academic conferences:

CSCA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL (April 2020)

   o “Bad Hombres” and Latinos as Other in Breaking Bad

   o “I Want To Be Free”: Women’s Revolution in HBO’s Westworld

   o “We Can Save This Community”: Black Lightning and the Invisible Superstructure of


CSCA Annual Conference, Omaha, NE (April 2019)

   o “When The Gunfire Ends”: Deconstructing PTSD Among Combat Veterans in Marvel’s The


• NCA Annual Convention, Salt Lake City, UT (November 2018)

   o “They See a Caricature”: Expanding Media Representations of Black Identity in Dear

White People

• PCA/ACA National Conference, Indianapolis, IN (April 2018)

   o “None of You Cared Enough”: The Problematic Moralizing of 13 Reasons Why

• NCA Annual Convention, Dallas, TX (November 2017)

   o “A Demented Declaration of Love”: The Deconstruction of Rape Culture in Marvel's

Jessica Jones*

   o “Harlem’s Captain America”: Identifying Politics of Respectability in Marvel’s Luke Cage

   o “Not the Right People”: The Influence of Scapegoat Narratives in Donald J. Trump’s

       Campaign Rhetoric

• BEA Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV (April 2017)

   o “A Man Must Have a Code”: A Contrast of Black and White Masculinity in The Wire*

   o “Woman Inherits the Earth”: Deconstructing Jurassic Park as an Early Text in Third-Wave


   o Evolution of the Modern American Antihero: The Shield as Template for Breaking Bad

• PCA/ACA National Conference, San Diego, CA (April 2017)

   o “I Am Not Your Property”: The Progressive Feminism of Orphan Black

• Midwest PCA/ACA Regional Conference, Chicago, IL (October 2016)

   o “What’s the Difference Between Men and Women?”: Hegemonic Masculinity in The

Walking Dead

• PCA/ACA National Conference, New Orleans, LA (April 2015)

   o A Bastard from the Beginning: The Moral Agency of Breaking Bad’s Walter White

* denotes award-winning essay.